My name is Felicia Gerard and I have very recently fallen into complete infatuation with photography.

When I started going to college, I had noticed they offered Photography classes…I was so excited! Unfortunately, as a nursing student and a new mother, my schedule stayed * very * busy. I would have to take them at a later time.

I bought my first ‘Point and Shoot’ camera about 8 years ago in Oregon. It was a little Vivitar 1″ screen, I though it was the most amazing thing at the time. After time, the pictures just didn’t seem to please me any longer…it was time to upgrade. I’ve gone through Vivitar 35mm Film cameras, HP photo-smart, Canon, Nikon Cool-pix s210 ( which I still use to this day, I love that little camera! Pictures are phenomenal). Unfortunately it didn’t take me long to grow bored with it’s limited capabilities.  I would “see” a picture in front of me and I would attempt to capture it, but it would never come out the way I wanted it to. Nothing was giving the pictures I have always strived for…I wanted pictures like the Pro’s.

I have always dreamt of having a “big professional-looking” camera.  I didn’t know the first thing about them… what they were called… how they worked. I just knew that the people that had them also had images that came out *way* better than mine did. It may seem silly to hear someone say that they “dreamt” about owning one, but for someone as financially restricted as myself, it really was more of a pipe dream than a reality.

So I sat thinking about it for some time… trying to push the idea of an expensive “unnecessary”, “big” camera out of my mind, but I just couldn’t let it go… so I started doing my research.

…and now I sit here with my new Nikon D-5000 Digital SLR camera. ❤

I know I’m no where near “AMAZING” at the moment but my goal is to get there… to be “PHENOMENAL” , for people to “WOW!” at my pictures.  At the moment photography is a hobby for me… an expensive, time consuming, hobby, but a hobby none the less. I plan on taking it even further someday.

…to be continued.


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