I really had a lot of fun on my drive to Oregon around the beginning of June. Everything was full in  bloom in the swing of the summer. I was in photography HEAVEN! So many different subjects to shoot… Gorgeous, green, and so inviting… I never wanted to leave! I will be posting a few more from Random locations during my trip… feel free to leave me a comment, tell me what you think. Thanks for looking!


Ward Wedding

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Went down to Mill Avenue Bridge last night to try my hand at water reflections… as well as shooting in Manual modes.

Experimenting with the Nifty-Fifty

First try at my new reversal ring and the 50mm 1.8. Not exactly the worst, but far from the greatest!

…I’ll get there soon enough. Practice, practice, practice!

…Til’ Death Do Us Part.

Here are some more edits out of the series from the wedding shoot last week in Tonto Basin, Arizona.

I have been in between packing and moving, so  I will add more as I am able to.


Glistening In Beauty

A shot from the ‘ Ward’ wedding I did this week… Her dress and shoes were just gorgeous!

Janis Noel

Here are a couple of shots of a close friend of mines’ daughter, Janis.

I was testing out some settings for the wedding shoot I had earlier this week…and she volunteered hands down! She makes a beautiful Model!